If there are artisans in the monastery, let them practice their crafts with all humility.

(Rule of St. Benedict, 57:1)

In the pharmacy, housed in the former abbey treasury, visitors can purchase foodstuffs produced in accordance with formulas reflecting the precepts of medieval monastic herbal lore, including honey, fruit preserves, sweets and herbal teas.

The pharmacy also stocks a selection of cosmetic products manufactured with natural essences and medicinal herbs, olive oil, black grapes, lavender, black pepper and so forth.

Visitors can also purchase Sant'Antimo beer, made to a special abbey recipe in two versions, blonde and amber.

The pharmacy also stocks its own unique Amaro di Sant'Antimo, a bitter digestive liqueur made with essence of carlina, a herb whose origins are inextricably bound up with the abbey's foundation, shrouded in legend. The monks of Sant'Antimo are said to have used essence of carlina to prepare medicinal possets for Charlemagne's troops after they came down with the plague while quartered near Sant'Antimo.